Choral Compositions

The Gods of Old are Silent on G.G. Byron’s poem for mixed 2-parts chorus, piano and flute (2017)   [2’20”]   self-published


Two Choruses on Alexander Blok’s poems for chorus SATB, SATTB, a cappella (2016)

  1. Я стремлюсь к роскошной воле / I Seek for the Splendid Vast [2’09”]
  2. После дождя / After the Rain [2’00”]

The First Dandelion on a Walt Whitman’s poem for chorus SATB and piano (2016) [2’07”]

Songs of Spring on Walt Whitman’s poems for chorus SATB a cappella (2014-2016)    self-published      

  1. The First Dandelion [1’47”]
  2. After the Dazzle of Day [2’30”]
  3. Out of May’s Shows Selected [1’50”]

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