Compositions by Natalia Pispini


Fire-Flowers on E.P. Johnson’s poem, for a cappella SATB chorus (2017)  [2’16”]

The Gods of Old are Silent on G.G. Byron’s poem for mixed 2-parts chorus, piano and flute (2017)    [2’20”]     self-published    

Two choral songs on Alexander Blok’s poems for chorus SATTB,  SATB a cappella (2016self-published

  1. Я стремлюсь к роскошной воле / I Seek for the splendid vast [2’09”]
  2. После дождя / After the rain [2’00”]

The First Dandelion on a Walt Whitman’s poem  for chorus SATB and piano (2016)[2’07”]

Songs of Spring on Walt Whitman’s poems  for chorus SATB a cappella (2014-2016)  self-published  

  1. The First Dandelion [1’43”]
  2. After the Dazzle of Day [2’30”]
  3. Out of May’s Shows Selected [1’50”]


Soul Songs of a Russian Country Girl on Alexey Koltsov’s poems, for female vocal trio (2016)

  1. Так и рвется душа / So much the soul is breaking away [2’06”]
  2. Я любила его / I loved him [2’53”]
  3. Я затеплю свечу / I will light a candle [2’27”]


Sunset Gleams on Ardas River for alto flute (2016) [4’54”]

Desert Baroque Suite for cello and fixed media (2014 – ) in progress

String Ensembles

Polly’s Secret Life, 3 pieces for two violins (2014 – ) in progress

Two Salon Pieces  for string quartet (2014-2016)  self-published  

  1. Expectation (Tempo do Valse) [2′]
  2. Determination (Tempo di Mazurka) [1’57”]

Flute Ensembles

Morning Leaves Palette for flute quartet (2017)

  1. Adagio quasi sognando [5’18”]
  2. Allegretto fragile [2’05”]

Guitar Ensembles

On Desert Rose, musical poem for guitar quartet (2017) [11′]

Mixed Ensembles (2 to 6 players)

Pagodas sailing in clouds, for woodwind quartet (2017) [3’04”]

In Yellow Waves, 2 contrapuntal pieces for Bb trumpet, alto saxophone and drums (2016-2017)   self-published   

  1. Larghetto e dondolante [1’57”]
  2. Allegretto energico [1’47”]               

Large Mixed Ensembles (7 players and more)

I Dreamed of Heathland… for flute, oboe, percussion (3 players), mandolin and harpsichord (2016) [3’05”]

They Have Met on the Bridge in the Season of Cool Waters for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, contrabassoon, harp, celesta and harpsichord (2016) [3’22”]


Eortastiko for chamber orchestra (2017) [3’31”]

The God Abandons Antony (2014 – ) in progress


Wind, don’t take me away (2017) [2’26”]   

Transparent Green (2016) [6’36”]               

Serenade (2016)

In Yellow…sh Waves (2016) [1’48”]              

Morning Sketches (2014)


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