My Compositions

Music composed by Natalia Pispini


Three choral songs on Alexander Blok’s poems for chorus  SATB a cappella (2018)

  1. Муза в уборе весны / A muse wearing spring dress [2’22”]
  2. Я ношусь во мраке / I am lost in darkness [2’05”]
  3. Летний вечер / Summer evening [2’22”]

Fire-Flowers on Emily P. Johnson’s poem, for a cappella SATB chorus (2017)  [2’16”]

The Gods of Old are Silent on G.G. Byron’s poem, for mixed 2-parts chorus, piano and flute (2017)    [2’20”]

Two Choral Songs on Alexander Blok’s poems for chorus SATTB,  SATB a cappella (2016)

  1. Я стремлюсь к роскошной воле / I seek for the splendid vast [2’09”]
  2. После дождя / After the rain [2’00”]

The First Dandelion on a Walt Whitman’s poem  for chorus SATB and piano (2016)[2’07”]

Songs of Spring on Walt Whitman’s poems  for chorus SATB a cappella (2014-2016)

  1. The First Dandelion [1’43”]
  2. After the Dazzle of Day [2’30”]
  3. Out of May’s Shows Selected [1’50”]


* for voice and ensembles: look at the Ensembles section below

The Blue Bird on Mary Elizabeth Coleridge’s poem, for male vocal sextet (AATTBarB) (2018)  [5’19”]

Soul Songs of Russian Country Girl on Alexey Koltsov’s poems, for female vocal trio (2016-2018)

  1. Так и рвется душа / So much the soul is breaking away [2’06”]
  2. Я любила его / I loved him [2’53”]
  3. Люди добрые, скажите / Tell me, o good people [2’49”]
  4. Я затеплю свечу / I will light a candle [2’27”]
  5. Песнь русалки / Mermaid’s song [2’55”]

Solo Instruments

Snowsand for guitar (2018-…) in progress

Weaves and Tangles, for flute (2018) [3’53”], [2’44’’], [4’28’’]

Sunset Gleams of the Ardas River, for alto flute (2016) [4’28”], [1’58”]

Desert Baroque Suite for cello and fixed media  in progress


String Ensembles

Polly-Birdie’s Secret Life, suite-palindrome of 4 pieces for two violins (2018)

  1. Dance Through Reflection [1’54”]
  2. Puzzling Steps [2’24”]
  3. Mute Song [3’59”]
  4. Reflection Through Dance [1’54”]

Two Salon Pieces  for string quartet (2014-2016)

  1. Expectation (Tempo do Valse) [2′]
  2. Determination (Tempo di Mazurka) [1’57”]

Flute Ensembles

Morning Leaves Palette for flute quartet (2017)

  1. Adagio quasi sognando [5’18”]
  2. Allegretto fragile [2’05”]

Guitar Ensembles

On Desert Rose, musical poem for guitar quartet (2017) [11′]

Woodwind Ensembles

The Old Fort’s Glory, two military marches for piccolo flute and bass clarinet (2018) in progress

Two Autumn Elegies for flute and oboe (2018) in progress

Pagodas Sailing in Clouds, for woodwind quartet (2017) [3’04”]

Mixed Ensembles (2 to 6 players, including voice)

Two Elegies, for flute and oboe (20181.Adagio cantabile [4’35”]  2. Animato ed adagio sospirando [5’05”]

I am less of myself on Hazel Hall’s poem for soprano and chamber ensemble (piccolo flute, oboe, Bb trumpet, percussion, piano) (2018) [3’55”]

Our Best Wishes, for woodwind quartet (flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon) and percussion (triangle, tambourine, cowbell, glockenspiel) (2017) [2’59”]

In Yellow Waves, 2 contrapuntal pieces for Bb trumpet, alto saxophone and drums (2016-2017) 1. Larghetto e dondolante [1’57”]  2. Allegretto energico [1’47”]

Large Mixed Ensembles (7 players and more, including voice)

Grasses on Alfred Kreymborg’s poem for mezzo-soprano, flute, Bb clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola and double bass (2018)  [6’30”]

Septet-Sonata for clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, double bass and piano         in progress

I Dreamed of Heathland… for flute, oboe, percussion (3 players), mandolin and harpsichord (2016) [3’05”]

Over Cool Waters Bridge for flexible score: flute, oboe (or Bb clarinet), bass clarinet (or bassoon), contrabassoon (or double bass), harp (or guitars), celesta  and harpsichord (or piano for 4 hands) (2016) [3’22”]


Eortastiko for chamber orchestra (2017) [3’31”]

The God Abandons Antony  in progress


All my ‘classical’ music scores receive comprehensive computer-generated sound. You can hear them at the posts related to compositions above.

Besides that, I used to arrange those scores with a range of electronic sounds and rhythms. Check my portfolio page Electronic, section Auto-Arrangements, to get more information about it.

I produce electronic music originating on its own, with or without classical scores. Check my portfolio page Electronic, sections Original Compositions, to get more information.