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12 November, 2018

Polly-Birdie’s Secret Life, suite-palindrome for two violins (2018)    read more…

1 November, 2018

Updated Catalogue page, and Catalogue, Choral, Vocal, Ensembles portfolio pages

22 April, 2018

Electronic music: Dandelion and Winds, Dandelion and Water, Dandelion and Bells (2018)     read more…

3 April, 2018

Weaves and Tangles, for solo flute: new work   read more…

8 March, 2018

Eortastiko, for chamber orchestra (2017)    read more…

31 December, 2017

Our Best Wishes, for woodwind quartet and percussion: new work  read more…

11 December, 2017

Sunset Gleams of Ardas River, for alto flute (2016)    read more…

26 November, 2017

Over Cool Waters Bridge for chamber ensemble (flexible score) (2016)     read more…

13 November, 2017

Fire-Flowers on Emily Pauline Johnson’s poem: new work   read more…

26 October, 2017

The midi excerpts are added to the posts about ‘Morning Leaves Palette‘ and ‘Pagodas Sailing in Clouds

12 October, 2017

Pagodas Sailing in Clouds, for woodwind quartet : new work   read more…

27 September, 2017

Morning Leaves Palette for flute quartet : new work read more…

19 September, 2017

Two choral songs on Alexander Blok’s poems : work of 2016 read more…

17 August, 2017

The score sample and the midi excerpt are added in the post about my romantic piece ‘On Desert Rose‘ for guitar quartet  look here

10 August, 2017

The Gods of Old are Silent for 2-parts mixed chorus, piano and flute : sale at

8 August, 2017 

New page on Facebook has been created

Expectation for string quartet : sale at www.sheetmusicplus 

Determination for string quartet : sale at www.sheetmusicplus

29 July, 2017

On Desert Rose, musical poem for guitar quartet  : new work      read more…

26 July, 2017

New version of the website  has been created.