Sound of That Moment 

Series of short live improvisations on MIDI-keyboard Keystation 61 (and Aria Player software), inspired by my photography and focused on particular features of melody, rhythm, mode, style and expression. The improvisations are live recorded after several attempts to capture the mood of the given image, within an hour or so.

By this series, in my own artistic way I try to investigate the connection between the certain impression created by images and the musical language suitable to express that.

The works are represented in form of media clips and placed on my YouTube channel, under Creative Commons non-commercial license. They can be useful for various purposes (in music education, research etc.)

If you are a musician and want to play this music, I will make for you a raw score on demand. If you like particular style of the improvisation, I can compose a piece for you in the same style.

…that is why the white bird is hiding from people…  solo flute (2017)

…eventide will come...  solo piano (2017)

…the only lily… woodwind ensemble (2017)


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