About me



My name is Natalia Pispini. I am a composer of contemporary classical music.

As a Russian-native, I received my higher music education in former USSR. Piano studies and performances, musicology and further specialization in ethnomusicology, PhD, fieldwork, archives and research on traditional music… That was my professional path for many years. Then, what could be more adventurous and fascinating than this? And yet there was one more challenge I discovered for myself: composing music. I started it occasionally in 2014, just as trials out of any serious intentions. To my surprise, soon this became somehow like a ‘central point’ where all that colourful experience I had in my life has been accumulated. Now I am deeply involved in it, I really enjoy my new journey and I would like to share it with you.

Currently I am splitting my time between the Middle East and Greece, places that inspire me immensely and give me new ideas, images and tunes. I am continuously working on developing my professional profile, reviewing subjects related to musical composition and, broadly, to music. My special concern is learning the contemporary approaches. I also search my own ways in electronic music. Overall, I believe in the pure aesthetic function of music, that it is something given to us to be enjoyed, no matter how complicated formulas were used during its creation.

I compose music in various styles and with different techniques, from classical to the very modern. Any historical styles or folk music patterns can be interesting to work with, when being placed into the new contexts. At this point I give priority to chamber music genres (vocal, choral, instruments solo and ensembles), but I am not limited in them.

My compositions are listed in the catalogue and – by categories – in the menu tabs. They are provided with descriptions (featuring the ideas, impressions, music structures and composing methods), score samples and electronic sound renderings.

I hope you will enjoy my music!


Natalia Pispini