Dandelions (electronic music)

After a break, I am returning to electronic composition. Arranging my original score of an ‘academic’ and classical choral work ‘The First Dandelion’  in various sounds (chorus, organ, bells, etc.), with DAW Raper and Xpand! music library, I produced a bunch of new, fresh ‘Dandelions’. The images of my artworks ‘Blossom Through Wind’, ‘Blossom Through Water’, and ‘Blossom through Metal’ * are used for the clips with this music.

(*see https://ateliernataliapispini.wordpress.com/2018/04/19/blossom/)

‘Dandelion and Wind’ (2018)

‘Dandelion and Water’ (2018)

‘Dandelion and Bells’ (2018)