…that is why the white bird is hiding from people…

That is why the white bird is hiding from people

It was difficult to take a photo of this enigmatic white bird sitting quietly among the palm-tree leaves. But eventually we got it! We walked inside of Bahrain, in province, where there are plenty of whispering palm-trees and joyful birds. It was winter, the best season there…

The image had inspired me for new genre: an improvisation on MIDI-keyboard. Each would employ particular timbres, rhythms, melodic patterns etc. Here it is solo flute and Arabic maqam Bayati, interpreted in free, non-traditional way. Great exercise! Also great way to give the second birth to those numerous photos collected during our trips.

Title …that is why the white bird is hiding from people…

Genre improvisation (live playing on MIDI-keyboard)

Tasks flute; non-traditional approach to maqam Bayati; expression of anxious and shy character

Duration [2’06]

Date of creating April 30, 2017

Copyright © 2017 Natalia Pispini; CC BY-NC license (for non-commercial use)

(Raw score is available on demand. Also you can order the music of similar style from Natalia)

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In Yellow…sh Waves

This is my first ever electronic composition created in DAW software. Initially it was composed as an assignment in Coursera course ‘Survey of Music Technology’ (from Georgia Tech), under the title ‘In Yellow Waves’. The music is based on my earlier composition ‘In Yellow Waves I’ for Bb trumpet, alto saxophone and drums. I ‘dressed’ the winds’ parts in MIDI synth sound and the drums were completely rearranged. Various sound samples from the Ear Sketch sound library, and MIDI and audio recorded tracks had been added to the mix. The composition was made with Reaper DAW.

The images and the spirit of this music are different from those in the original piece. While working, I was thinking on the desert as a place of adventure, maybe not always friendly…To induce that feeling I used recording of my voice saying sh-sh sound, which eventually had been reflected in the title.

Title In Yellow…sh Waves

Date of composing September 2016

Genre electronic

Style contemporary (cinematic, horror)

Duration [1’48”]

Copyright © 2016 Natalia Pispini

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