In Yellow Waves II, for Bb trumpet, alto saxophone, and drums



From ‘In Yellow Waves, for Bb trumpet, alto saxophone, and drums

Date of composing March 2017

Genre contrapuntal piece

Style contemporary, jazz

Duration [1’47”]

Level of difficulty intermediate to advanced

Copyright © 2017 Natalia Pispini


In C/G, Allegretto energico. Waving melody principle once again (after The Yellow Waves I) is employed in this piece. The uneven meter 7/8 together with complex syncopations and accents bring particular drive to this composition. Polyphonic technique of free canon is used (when the voice-follower imitates the interval number and not the quality). Two canon voices – trumpet (leader) and saxophone (follower) – are in different tonalities (C and G) and modes, so the basic canon interval is the fourth but not necessary. In B and A2 sections of the simple quaternary form AA1BA2 the canon intervals are changing, and by the end the canon structure is dissolving. The drums (one player part) accompany the canon.

Performance notes

Quick changes of legato, non legato, staccato and glissando, in combination with ‘jumping’ melody and specific accentuation constitute technical difficulties in this piece for trumpet and saxophone players. The trills are always with the note above, tone or semitone apart. The drums part requires good foot technique.

The drums notation:


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