In Yellow Waves I, for Bb trumpet, alto saxophone, and drums


From ‘In Yellow Waves, for Bb trumpet, alto saxophone, and drums

Date of composing October 2014; November 2016 – revised

Genre contrapuntal piece

Style contemporary, jazz

Duration [1’57”]

Level of difficulty intermediate to advanced

Copyright © 2014-2016 Natalia Pispini


In C/A, Larghetto e dondolante. The swaying motion of this piece is imitating moves along sand-dunes. Hard-swinging rhythm, triplets and syncopation refer to jazz style. The structure is simple ternary form ABA1 with a brief introduction. The texture is more sophisticated with a polyphonic strict canon which is ‘scattering’ by the end of the composition. Two canon voices – trumpet (leader) and saxophone (follower) – are in different tonalities (C and A), and the canon interval is the major third. The drums (one player) accompany the canon.

Performance notes

Combination of legato and glissando is the primary playing technique here for trumpet and saxophone players. The extended pitch range is applied. The percussion set includes triangle and cowbell. The triangle sound is of two qualities: 1) the normal sound, and 2) the quieter sound (out of the inner area of the instrument).

The drums notation:



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