Expectation, for string quartet

 From ‘Two Salon Pieces‘, for string quartet

Date of composing October 2014; March 2016 – revised

Genre a piece for string quartet (2 violins, viola, cello) in character of waltz

Style Neo-Romantic

Duration [2’00”]

Level of difficulty beginner to intermediate

Copyright © 2014-2016 Natalia Pispini


In A major, Tempo di Valse. The composition displays pure lyrical character based on waltz meter ¾ and, at the same time, develops in changeable motion associated with the emotions of ‘expectation’ which is here kind of romantic dreams, hopes and reveries. The contrasting middle section (C minor) of the ternary form ABA1 brings for a while more dramatic sounds.

Performance notes

Although the composition holds the dance rhythm, the manner of playing is a piacere, so the musicians are free to alternate slightly the tempo. (The phrases with wider melody supported by arpeggio chords are the most suitable for slowing down.) The important part of expressiveness in this piece is the legato technique applied to the variations in phrasing.

Look at the score sample

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